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Training in the real world with top behavior experts. 

Access to our Pack Walks where you can carefully test your training in the real world  

12 months of FREE follow up support and care



There are few things that fill us up with love more than a new wolfdog-puppy.  We love their innocence, their potential, and the knowledge that they will be our friends to the end.  Sadly, the joy of owning a wolfdog-puppy can be destroyed when the realities of owning a non-human baby come crashing down. 

Destructive chewing, nipping, urine on the carpet, poo in the kitchen. . . yikes,  these are the things that make even the best puppy owners scream.  But don't panic. Help is here. 

Our "Wolfdog-Puppy Adventures" socialization program is a dynamic training adventure that takes basic training out of the classroom and helps you learn in real life.   Starting in the comfort of your own home, you will learn how to shape your wolfdog-puppy into the wolfdog dog of your dreams.  You will learn to master the art of wolfdog-puppy training and develop a keen understanding of healthy socialization.

Don't let your wolfdog-puppy problems drive you crazy.  It is estimated that over 50% of all puppies are surrendered to shelters or put to death because their owners failed to train them.  Please, don't let your wolfdog-puppy become part of this statistic.  Start training your wolfdog-puppy now. 

What You Get?
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