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One on one training help in the safety of your own home.

Access to our Pack Walks where you can carefully test your training in the real world  

12 months of FREE following up support and care




Socialize your wolfdog amongst friends and enjoy a beautiful afternoon with us.  Our amazing Pack Walks will give you a rare opportunity to train your wolfdog in the real world, where it matters most. 


When training your wolfdog there will come a point when you need to proof your pet.  Proofing is the process where you test and steady your wolfdog's newfound skills.  At Wolfdog Behavior & Management we help owners prepare their wolfdogs for the real world during our informative Pack Walks.  These walks empower wolfdog owners with the skills needed to proof their wolfdogs. 

Develop the confidence to take your wolfdog anywhere.  Steady your mind while transforming your wolfdog into a masterclass companion.  Every day is an adventure, and every adventure takes you one step closer to the wolfdog of your dreams.  

Help Your WolfDog Get their Groove Back
What You Get?
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